SVDL-0302 ‘Personal Beating!’ featuring Malynn

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This sexist asshole doubted I could whip him into shape!  Once my thighs are done with him…he won’t doubt anymore!

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Looking wicked in her little black workout outfit, Malynn the personal trainer comes to call on Drew, who immediately disses her ability and insists the company send a man! Wrong thing to say to this leggy lass as she sets his ass straight and pulls him STRAIGHT into some of the tightest, crushing throatscissors you’ll see!

Her lithe, lean thighs are sinewy and muscular and just perfect for popping him into endless headscissors and her rock-hard butt is sweet to see but dangerous to behold as she launches it in a punishing display of reverse headscissors! She’s fond of the figure four as well, and with muscular calves like hers, that’s a devastating thing indeed! Don’t diss this personal trainer or she’ll train her legs on you!

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