SVDL-0086 ‘The Parole Enforcer!’ featuring Lethelle

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He didn’t follow the rules and broke his parole so now it’s time for me to BREAK his neck!

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Violate your parole one too many times and get a visit from your parole officer or in the case of Lethelle, your parole ENFORCER!

This guy thinks that’ll be a breeze, as it has in the past, but he wasn’t counting on the leggy likes of Lethelle, his NEW and very dominant parole ENFORCER.

The brawny bodybuilder with the chiseled thighs and powerful shoulders shows up in a skin-tight skirt and top and proceeds to squeeze the living shit out of the wimpy little criminal!

Her head-popping scissors combined with that ultra-sexy German accent she possesses combine for an overall total scissoring domination effort that you have just got to see!

Lethelle’s thighs are tree-trunk hard, calves are carved out of steel and her upper body, with bulging biceps and striated pecs, will satisfy any lover of pure female muscle!

Tack on some of the most severe scissors you can imagine in legs that powerful and this is one parole enforcer you do NOT want to mess around with.

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