SVDL-0085 ‘Hotel Room Workout!’ featuring Allana

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The hotel advertised a world-class gym.  WRONG! Now it’s time to use the hotel manager to get a leg workout in my hotel room!

Video Length : 29 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 166MB

Video Description

Allana, a competitive female bodybuilder, is a bit upset with the hotel management responsible for falsely advertising an accommodation for a “world class gym”.

She gets on the phone and demands to speak with the hotel manager and insists that she speak with him in person, face to face.

After the hotel manager comes up to Allana’s room to hopefully resolve the issue, he is confronted by the angry 5’2″ muscular powerhouse.

She explains to him that the only reason she chose to stay at this hotel was specifically because of the gym that they advertise in their brochure.

The manager attempts to explain how that advertisement is outdated and the gym no longer exists, replaced by more important  things like a new kitchen.

Well, obviously this doesn’t sit too well with Allana and she decides to get her workout one way or the other and since it’s “leg day”, it’s time for a little inner-thigh work, all over the hotel manager’s head and body!

Allana starts her routine with a few sets skull crushing head scissors, followed by some rib snapping body scissors and then it’s onto some gluteus maximus exercise with eye popping reverse head scissors!

She ends her routine by demanding that the manager update the brochure and also demands that he pay for a membership to a local gym for her to use the next time she’s in town to which he finally agrees following 30 minutes of Allana’s painful leg workout!

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