SVDL-0078 ‘KO Legs!’ featuring Senona

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He though he could take a punch but found out he couldn’t.  Now lets see if he can take my THIGHS around his neck!

Video Length : 29 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 161MB

Video Description

Jake is pounding away at the heavy bag at his gym when Senona, a gorgeous Puerto Rican fitness babe, comes in to tell him he’s doing it wrong – and challenge him to a one-round match!

It doesn’t last long as she delivers a crushing blow to take him out.

When he wakes up, she’s doing a sinfully sexy split over on the mats and tells him it’s time to wrestle instead of box.

He takes up the challenge and what you’ll see for the next half hour is some of the most fantastic, savage and insanely brutal scissoring you will see ANYWHERE!

Senona is like the scissoring Energizer bunny, a totally endless bundle of energy as she literally flies all over the mats – and Jake – to deliver a series of merciless, head-cracking and rib-popping scissors!

Senona is an aerial scissor specialist, engaging in all manner of acrobatic maneuvers including the rare flying headscissors, literally leaping on Jake’s shoulders from behind to snap on a crushing scissors that knocks him to his back – with her still attached and punishing him in her short, muscular legs!

She never stops, and while scissoring, peppers his body with a constant explosion of punches to his chest, back and stomach, and slaps to the face!

Senona, a fitness competitor and former Golden Gloves boxing champ, combines her dance background with scintillating scissoring in a display of squeezing prowess!

In the end, she declares it’s time to put him away “in my knockout legs!”and then does just that!

Senona is a knockout, head to toe and especially her most lethal legs!

Full Description

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