SVDL-0051 ‘Main Squeeze!’ featuring Scarlet


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This geeky old man wants to be my main squeeze but I don’t think he can take the PRESSURE of my REAL SQUEEZE!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 173MB

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Geeky bald older men just don’t do it for Scarlet. But scissoring the crap out of them does!

This totally obnoxious nerd shows up for a blind date, courtesy of a dating service he’d subscribed to, and loves what he sees with Scarlet in the sexiest short skirt he’s ever seen – but she does not, and gently tries to dissuade him.

He’s adamant, takes a seat and stubbornly bleats “No! You’re my date! I want to be your main squeeze!”

Accommodating that very wish, Scarlet unleashes a brutal scissor attack on the whiny man, engulfing him in head-cracking scissors with her 23 and 1/2 inch thighs.

She is not to be believed with her insanely punishing figure-four scissors; Scarlet’s legendary calves are 16 inches of cut steel, pure muscle knifing brutally hard into the geek’s throat, rendering him speechless and breathless!

She takes him apart with stunning savagery and then boots his nerdy ass out the door!

You want Scarlet for your main squeeze?

Be VERY careful what you wish for!

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