SVDL-0030 ‘Bounty Hunter Squeeze!’ featuring Scarlet

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You can run but you can’t hide from this Bounty Hunter’s POWERFUL SQUEEZE!

Video Length : 29 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 163MB

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In Bounty Hunter Squeeze, Scarlet and her huge, powerful thighs star as a bounty hunter and her prime weapons of choice: Her insanely gorgeous legs!

Scarlet is a bounty hunter and has tracked down her prey, who doesn’t believe this mere female has the goods to take him in.

But take him in she does, in her crushing thighs and punishing calves, reeling him in scissors after scissors and absolutely torturing him until he relents and agrees to be taken to the police! Scarlet’s 16 inch calves are sights to behold, especially strapped tightly around a choking man’s neck!

Don’t miss Bounty Hunter Squeeze…or Scarlet’s scissoring legs will come looking for YOU!

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