SVDL-0025 ‘Dress Code Crush!’ featuring Kristie

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I don’t give a fuck about the office dress code!  I’ve got KILLER LEGS and like to show them off as he’s finding out right now!

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 A miniskirt dress and hot red cowboy boots is not exactly the usual office wear, and Kristie knows it – and doesn’t care!

Taken to task for her rather casual attire, Kristie pooh-poohs the stuff office administrator’s rebuke and takes matters into her own sartorial scissoring legs!

Kristie’s legs are legendary, and you’ll see why here and she absolutely pulverizes the whiny little man in her pumping, powerful thighs and absorbs his face in her delicious derriere as only Kristie can with her patented reverse facescissors figure four!

Hauling back on that locked leg she pulls hard and devours his face up her crushing ass hams over and over, in addition to about ruining his aching body in brutal bodyscissors and almost ripping his head off with some of the most crushing throat scissors you’ll ever find!

If you meet Kristie and don’t like what she’s wearing, better not tell her or you’ll end up on the receiving end of her dress code crush!!!!

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