SVDL-0199 ‘Wrong Address, Right Scissors!’ featuring Mistress Delerium

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Tall, leggy Amazon domme, Mistress Delerium, knocks on the wrong door thinking she’s arrived at her client’s house.  The poor man tries to explain to her she’s got the wrong house but gets TORTURED by her thighs anyhow!

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In ‘Wrong Address, Right Scissors’, Drew is lounging about when someone knocks: Mistress Delerium, who towers over the little man in five-inch heeled boots, wearing thong, mini and tiny top.

The dominatrix has come to a job but he swears it’s the wrong address and insists she leave.

She tears into him and wraps him up in a non-stop series of head-cracking, rib-bending scissors that make you hurt to watch!

With those big boots, the gorgeous Amazon is well over six feet tall and all leg as she wraps her long, silky thighs around his skull and pulls him in so deeply, her knees almost touch beneath his chin!

She is a scissoring machine unleashed, with a bodyscissor that threatens to knife his little body in half!

Her reverse is magic, her muscular ass flexing in his face as those mile-long thighs crack his cranium, and all the while you hear her long leather boots creaking sexily as she SQUEEEEEZES him until he screams!

In the end, she gets a call, it IS the wrong address she’s at!

But she gives him one last brutal thrusting scissors because with legs like Mistress Delerium, she is ALWAYS right!

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