SVDL-0194 ‘Leg Model Muscle!’ featuring Lethelle

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He thought I was too muscular to for his lingerie magazine.  Ok, I wonder if I can make it as a LEG scissor model instead!?

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 271MB

Video Description

Lethelle, a hot, German bodybuilder, shows up for a leg model audition hoping to land a gig in a lingerie catalogue.

But the photographer is not pleased as the muscular beauty stands before him bursting with muscle in a tiny mini, mesh nylons, leather thong and black boots, saying “We want something a little more … feminine.”

Totally pissed, she launches a frightening all-out scissor attack right there in the office, using the desk and floor to absolutely devastate him, making him scream, cry and beg for mercy in her humungously muscled thighs and stone-chiseled calves!

She’s particularly fond of using a scary reverse facescissors, her huge thighs absorbing his head, her fiercely muscled ass flexing in his face!

And she LOVES the snap-scissor: Bending her legs up and than RAMMING them out straight, sending her gargantuan gams slamming into his scissored skull with frightening power!! Lethelle is top-to-bottom muscle – and attitude!

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