SVDL-0161 ‘My Mom’s Legs!’ featuring Sydney Morgan

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He thinks I look just like my mom, especially my STRONG LEGS.  Lets give him a closer look!

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Kan comes in to drop off some papers for his business associate, Sydney’s mom.

Sydney, looking sinfully sweet in a tiny pair of panties and top, takes the papers – but not his leering abuse!

He tells her how cute and pretty she is and how much she looks like her mom, especially in her gorgeous legs! Sydney sneers, “Lemme show you what my mom taught me about USING my legs!” and punches them around his throat for a stunning neckscissor, holding herself up on the arms of the couch and just about decapitating the stunned man!

She goes insane all over his sorry ass, her muscular little thighs devouring his face and skull in a blinding display of savage headscissoring fury!

Sydney is easily one of ScissorVixens most dominant and violent girls and does she ever show it here, putting the begging man into a never-ending barrage of potent scissors, making him oink like the pig he is and eventually making him CRY in agony!

She uses every inch of her luscious legs, at one point kneeling over his head, squeezing it in her thighs and then SLAMMING her locked, muscular calves up into his face with savage slapping sounds!

Then she phones her mom about the pig in her legs and says mom will be home soon to wreak her OWN scissoring abuse on him!

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