SVDL-0155 ‘The Dancer Gets A Leg Up!’ featuring Amber

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I’ve trained my whole life for this and I’m not going to let anyone, including this asshole, take it away from me!

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Finally…our favorite ballerina, Amber, returns in “The Dancer Gets A Leg Up” and boy…does she ever get a leg up, over and around her manager’s scrawny little neck and body!

Amber angrily confronts her manager about him recommending another dancer for a prestigious ballet part that she has been dreaming about and training for ever since she was a little girl, dancing in her mother’s kitchen.

Her anger quickly turns to outrage after her manager tells her that the reason she did not get the part was because the other girl is simply better and has a leg up on her.

Well, it doesn’t take long for Amber to get a leg up, or two, on him as she slowly props her legs up, one leg at a time, on his shoulders while sitting behind him.

The manager is clearly getting a bit nervous as he realizes that Amber is about to put the squeeeeeze on him and who better to know just how powerful Amber’s thighs can be then her manager!?

Crushing head scissors, body scissors and neck scissors has her poor manager rethinking his decision about giving the dancing position to the other girl and is now contemplating, compliments of Amber’s persuasive thighs, to give the part to Amber instead!

After what seems to be hours of excruciating punishment between Amber’s muscular and powerful ballet trained thighs, her manager decides to finally make the call and give the part to Amber!

Needless to say, if you ever decide to manage this sexy little ballerina, you better make sure she gets a leg up on any part she wants or she’ll be getting both her legs up on you!

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