SVDL-0144 ‘Time To Scissor!’ featuring Liz Lightspeed

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He likes to rush me whenever we go out.  Time to rush my thighs around his head!

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Hell hath no fury like a woman pushed to put on her face too quickly.

Witness Liz Lightspeed in “Time to Scissor,” pushed to the breaking point by her punctual significant other who’s rushing her along.

In thong and bra, fed up with his obsession about time, says “It’s time to scissor!” and tosses him down to strap her long, creamy-smooth and sinewy legs all over his head, neck and body!

Liz, with a lean, rugged body at 5-8, 125 pounds, was born to scissor, her long legs wrapping him up in a variety of killer crushers, including the tightest figure fours you’ll ever see!

She has exquisite 13.5-inch calves that mold to his face and neck, and those sexy, silky 20-inch thighs just bow around his screaming skull in a never-ending display of raw leggy power!

She uses a thrashing scissors at times, quivering her thighs on his head other times, and occasionally blasting her locked feet into his balls as her legs crush his skull!

Don’t push this leggy lady about time or it’ll be time for her to scissor YOU!

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