SVDL-1294 Handle This PRESSURE! featuring Harley T


SVDL-1294 Handle This PRESSURE! featuring Harley T

He doesn’t think I can handle the pressure of a big Vegas show. We’ll see if he can handle the PRESSURE of my BIG SQUEEZE!

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GORGEOUS Vegas born-and-raised Harley T makes her ScissorVixen debut and WOW…does she ever CRUSH IT!

This is the second highly talented dancer, acrobat and aerialist we’ve featured from Vegas in the last few weeks…something this amazing city has plenty of thanks to all of the shows that rely on their skills.

Just like WindGoddess who we featured a few weeks ago…these flexible BEAUTIES seem to be some of the STRONGEST pound-for-pound CRUSHERS around and good lord…Harley T is no exception!

Once she slipped into her ridiculously skimpy booty shorts and matching athletic top…it was clear there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her long, lean body as evidenced by her perfectly flat, tone stomach and lean thighs with the perfect amount of ‘booty’ in her booty!

Before we started rolling I could not resist anymore and asked Harley to show me what she’s got. 


I couldn’t believe such a petite, innocent looking girl could bring so much PRESSURE and PAIN from her thighs!

Don’t get me wrong…as a dancer, acrobat and aerialist…I did expect Harley T to have good squeeze but nothing like this!

Now you’ve seen our victim in this video many times over the years and one thing he takes pride in is being able to take the punishment and tapping-out ONLY when necessary.

Well…there’s a WHOLE LOTTA TAPPING in this one folks!

Right from the FIRST scissor hold…Harley has him tapping-out and it doesn’t stop until the very end which couldn’t come soon enough for him!

I’ve seen his face get red many times but holy shit…it’s about as deep red for the entire video as I’ve seen in a long time!

Clearly…Harley T’s thighs dish out a lot of torture and punishment!

At one point…he seems to momentarily lose consciousness and is a bit disoriented after an incredibly tight breath-robbing figure-4, even though she lets go almost immediately following his tap-out.

I’m sure most of you will recognize it when you see it in this video!

And how about you REVERSE HEADSCISSORS fans out there!?

Oh yeah…that’s where Harley T. really shines making him tap-out frantically and often!

So why is Harley T DESTROYING our poor victim this time?

Well…when you’ve spent your whole life training as an acrobat and your dream is to star in a big Las Vegas show and you’re told you won’t be able to handle the pressure…that’s when you show him he can’t handle the PRESSURE either!

So sit back and welcome this GORGEOUS beauty to ScissorVixens as she POURS on more than he, or any man, could ever take in ‘Handle This PRESSURE!’.


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