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My mother’s new boyfriend is a complete pervert and after I’m done with him, he’s gonna be my mother’s FORMER boyfriend!

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We’ve all heard the expression, “mother knows best”, but in this case it’s “daughter knows best” as Bethany Joy portrays an overprotective daughter determined to keep her mother from making a relationship mistake with a man she believes is a complete pervert.

And she is determined to prove it by seducing him wearing a sexy, red bikini that she strips down to while he’s seated on the living room couch.

And sure enough, the old pervert takes the bait as he can’t help but comment on her gorgeous body.

Well, that’s all the motive Bethany Joy needs to teach this man a lesson that he won’t soon forget.

She begins with a classic head scissors, climbing behind him while he is still seated on the couch and lacing her powerful thighs around his neck.

Clearly, this is not the reaction he expected when attempting to compliment his girlfriend’s young daughter but it’s exactly what she had in mind after he predictably attempts to make a move on her.

On and on it goes, one scissors after the other, as she makes it very clear to him that he will have no part in her mother’s life or hers.

In the end, she puts the exclamation point on her promise to keep him away from her mother with a brutal head scissors that sends him to la-la-land.

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