SVDL-0115 ‘The Gentle Assassin!’ featuring Gia

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I like to have a little compassion for my victims, right before I pour it on and help them take their final breath!

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Good things – and occasionally lethal things – come in small, gentle packages. Gia is “The Gentle Assassin,” a little girl packing a deadly punch in her unbelievably powerful legs, a woman on a mission – to lay to waste to a man she was paid to exterminate.

She is quietly professional in her determination to have her way with him, in her powerful little legs, as she tortures him in scissor after scissor, dressed deliciously in a plaid, schoolgirl bikini and blue kneesocks.

Innocence was never so dangerously packaged, however, as Gia, gently at first and then with her usual solid, deadly dominance, unleashes the full fury of her muscular thighs and dispatches him with the cold calculation of a leggy killer!

Gia is “The Gentle Assassin,” but there is nothing gentle about the damage she does with her LEGS!

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