SVDL-0110 ‘Picture My Scissors!’ featuring Michelle

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This photographer told me to take off my socks or no shoot.  Ok, how about I take off his head instead!

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Kan is a photographer waiting on a slow model, Michelle, to come to the set and when she does, looking beautiful in tight spandex short shorts and slinky top, she’s sporting little white socks as well.

Angrily, he tells her to lose the socks or lose the shoot and the money, so she says fine, he’ll lose his head – to her crushing LEGS!

She gets pissed and tears into him, her little but powerful body overwhelming the big man and destroying him in a mind-boggling display of all-out scissor domination!

Michelle has short but extraordinarily powerful legs and one of the deepest, most punishing reverse facescissors ever.

She is also as flexible as they come, at one point twisting back to reverse figure four him – with BOTH HANDS!

And she is very fond of using a neck-wrenching, windpipe jolting throat-scissors that very nearly decapitates him!

At the end, she gets her money and her revenge, leaving with her cute socks and ALL her cash!

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