SVDL-0321 ‘Mopping Up The Mats!’ featuring GiGi

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This useless janitor can’t even keep the mats clean so I guess I’ll have to use his face to clean them instead!

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When our newest ScissorVixen, a gorgeous blonde Sicilian named GiGi, notices the mats to the office gym are dirty…she angrily summons the janitor to point it out. While bending over to get a closer look at a dirty foot print his boss, GiGi, is pointing to…the janitor’s head is quickly engulfed between her rock hard thighs as she begins to administer her painful punishment!

Listen as the helpless man repeatedly screams for mercy which is only met with an endless barrage of cranium crushing head scissors and rib busting body scissors. Every bit as lethal as her squeeze is her quick, razor sharp verbal skills giving the poor janitor a severe tongue lashing the likes of which you will rarely hear or witness in any other ScissorVixen video! GiGi is one MEAN BITCH and she holds NOTHING back in this video totally dismantling the helpless janitor. In the end….she decides to use his head, dangling as if mounted on a Slinky, as a mop to clean the mats the way it should have been done in the first place! When this office boss tells you to do something….you better make sure it gets done right or she’ll have to finish the job her way…a very painful option for you!

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