SVDL-0322 ‘Just Right For Scissors!’ featuring Ivy

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This photographer told me I’m too short to be a leg model so now I’m gonna show him there’s more to my legs than length…how about some LEG POWER!

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Strong legged model, Ivy, does not take ‘no’ for an answer and when a photographer tells her that she isn’t tall enough to be a leg model for his magazine she quickly points out that although she may be short on leg length she is long on leg power! Watch as she convinces the stubborn photog that her legs are more than worthy to appear in his magazine by demonstrating what they are capable of!

She starts out by nearly shattering his jaw in a million pieces between her rock hard thighs, while riding on his shoulders and crushing his skull from behind. After softening him up a bit she continues with eye popping front head scissors, throat busting neck scissors and murderous reverse head scissors that eventually take their toll on the poor man. With virtually no energy, or life, left to resist her demands….he finally agrees to not only allow her to appear in his magazine but also give her the coveted front cover shot! Although Ivy?s powerful legs may not be perfect for a typical tall, skinny leg model?they are ?Just Right for Scissors?!

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