SVDL-0320 ‘Snuffed Out by Her Scissors!’ featuring Tara

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Unfortunately for this guy who witnessed me dishing out a savage scissor beating…I can’t leave any witnesses so now it’s his turn!

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In “Snuffed Out by Her Scissors,” a witness to a savage scissor beating from his hotel room window is spotted by the violent femme, played by sexy Tara Bush. She crashes his room dressed in sexy short skirt and fishnet stockings and just tears him apart in a brutal all-out scissor attack!

Pissed that he saw what he saw, she puts the legs to him in one violent crushing scissor after another, her muscular, hot thighs almost busting out of her tight nylons! Her figure fours literally take his breath away as her powerful calf knifes agonizingly into his throat. She declares that “there can’t be any witnesses” and puts on a final, 100-percent full-bore scissor squeeze that makes good her claim to snuff out the only witness using her deadly scissors!

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