SVDL-0107 ‘Fatal Scissors!’ featuring Gia

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Our first date was wonderful.  Then he decided one date is enough. Well, I don’t think he realizes what he’s gotten himself into with me!

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After having a one-night stand with Ron, Cathy pays him a visit at his office, stripping down to next to nothing to surprise him.

And when he returns, he surprises her by giving her the gate, or trying to. In ‘Fatal Scissors’, Gia as Cathy delivers her usual performance: Non-stop, temple-popping, rib-cracking and throat-crushing SCISSORS with her beefy, 23-inch rock-hard and OH SO sexy thighs!

She is a scissor dominatrix of the thighest order as she angrily delivers leggy punishment that has him bellowing in absolute, genuine agony, her muscular thighs all but totally devouring his screaming skull!

She refuses to stop squeezing even as he madly taps her powerful legs in submission after submission, angrily denouncing his caddish ways and threatening to snap his neck!

She comes close several times, including a reverse figure four facescissors you have to see to believe, her ass totally smothering his mouth as she arches her back and puts everything she has into one of the most devastating scissors we’ve ever seen!

You want to risk a one-night stand with a gal like this?

With fatal scissors like she can deliver, you better think again!

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