SVDL-0496 ‘Spam Folder Scissors’ featuring Mariah

In High Definition

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He claims my e-mail messages ended up in his Spam folder.  But, I caught him in a lie and now it’s time for him to be caught in my Spam Folder Scissors!  

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 1280×720 | File Size: 686 MB

Pictures Included In Zip File: 154

Video Description

In ‘Spam Folder Scissors’ gorgeous exotic dancer, Mariah, plays a woman who discovers all of the e-mails she has been sending her boyfriend were intentionally deleted by him when he previously claimed they were getting lost in his spam folder.

She’s not too happy that he would mindlessly ignore her messages and decides to send him a new message in person using her power packed dancer thighs!

She pulls him in high and tight, applying extreme pressure with every scissor hold, and starts to rattle off all the other things that he does to annoy her.

Eye-popping front head scissors are her favorite as she clearly enjoys the erotic vibrating sensation she gets with his neck pressed up against her pussy while causing him to gurgle in pain every time she pours on the pressure!

She also applies a few other torturous leg holds like neck-snapping figure-4’s, rib crushing bodyscissors and smothering reverse headscissors that nearly knock him out cold!

In the end she makes him promise to never delete any of her messages again and gives him one last killer squeeze to make sure this time he gets her ‘Spam Folder Scissors’ message!

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