SVDL-0409 ‘Matching Red SCISSORED Face!’ featuring Candle

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He didn’t seem to like my ‘matching red thong’ sarcastically asking…”Matching what?”.  Then I showed him by turning his face red between my thighs!

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Candle is looking hotter than hot in her tiny red thong – and nothing else – as she asks her guy, “Do you like my matching red thong?” and he says “Matching, Matching what?” She coos and pulls him into her thighs and growls, “Your matching red FACE!” as she puts the sinewy pipes to him and nearly pops his skull as the scissor turns his face the color of her pretty panty!

This is one very powerful scissor lady, her legs long, lean and wickedly strong, and Candle’s verbal repartee is second to none, as she lays the trash talk on with a healthy (unhealthy for him!) dose of savage scissors! Her thighs ripple in sinewy steel and her calves bunch in a muscled fist of flesh as she destroys him in front facescissors, throttling throat scissors, rib-damaging bodyscissors and her best, the reverse, using the power pads of her sexy, smooth asscheeks to punch down a series of undulating scissors that turn his head way beyond red into deep purple! Her thighs are more than a match for his “Matching Red SCISSORED Face!”

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