SVDL-1416 ‘Tell Us Where It Is Or Else!’ featuring Andi Vicious and Constance

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He didn’t want to tell us where it was so we had to help him ‘remember’ once we put the SQUEEEEZE on him!

HD Video Length : 20 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 1.5 GB

3D UHD Video Length : 20 mins. | Video Size : 5760×2880 | File Size: 2.8 GB

Screen Captures Included In Zip File: 73

Video Description

Real-life friends, Andi Vicious and Constance, team up as SEXY assassins hired to recover some expensive items from a man who’s been hiding them.

Dressed to kill in all black, these assassins carry their weapons everywhere they go…their LETHAL LEGS!

But for them, disposing their target is something they like to postpone until they’ve had their fun absolutely torturing him in one excruciating scissors after the other!

They like to take turns while the other watches with sadistic glee as the poor man struggles to survive!

But of course they can’t terminate him until they get what they came for!

He pleads and begs for his release but finally realizes the only way out is to give them what they came for.

After giving them the location and combination they release him, but only for a few moments!

They tell him to relax while propping him  up with his back against the couch while he’s seated on the floor.

Then they tell him that they have to finally finish the job which for him, means LIGHTS OUT…for good!

So don’t miss the LETHAL SCISSORING DUO of Andi Vicious and Constance in ‘Tell Us Where It Is Or Else!’.

*There are plenty of panic-stricken tapouts in this video in which we had to cut the action a few times to ask our victim if he was going to make it!  His only reply was…”How much time is left!?”.*

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