SVDL-0260 ‘Cleaning Lady Crush!’ featuring Robyn

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Just because I’m paid to wear next-to-nothing while cleaning houses doesn’t mean this asshole has a right to touch!  Time to teach him a CRUSHING lesson!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 317 MB

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In ‘Cleaning Lady Crush’, newcomer Robyn is a hot employee of Naughty Cleaners, which sends scantily clad hotties to homes to clean up. Well her latest clients is a hands-on kinda guy which works out since she’s a legs-on kinda gal, legs on his head, his neck, his body in skull-cracking, throat-closing and rib-bending SCISSORS!

 She doesn’t put up with his hanky panky for one second and immediately engulfs his head in her meaty, man-eating thighs as she pulls him over the arm of the couch. She uses the sofa to work him over brutally hard before finishing him off on the floor with savage scissors, one after another. In one particularly humiliating reverse figure four, she has her sexy butt check plastered on his face to the point he cannot breathe, and hisses, “S’matter, got a faceful?” as she continues to work him over! This is one cleaning lady who knows how to clean up with her SCISSORS!!

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