SVDL-0235 ‘Private Scissor Dance!’ featuring Robyn

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He had no idea what his friends signed him up for when they paid for his private scissor dance!

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All Drew wanted for his birthday was a good time with some friends so his friends decided to show him a good time at the local gentlemen’s club.  Sexy, sultry, blonde dancer, Robyn, is sent to entertain Drew while he’s waiting for her in the private dance room.  Drew can hardly contain his excitement at the initial sight of the pretty former gymnast dancer and she tells him that she’s there to give him a free private scissor dance…compliments of his friends.  Drew looks a bit puzzled by what she means by ‘scissor dance’ and Robyn tells him not to worry…she’ll show him very soon.

 It’s not long before Drew gets his first taste of Robyn’s unique talent and finds himself fighting to breath between her muscular and powerful thighs as they constrict his head, throat and body in a display of sexy scissor power!  So, the next time your ‘special day’ rolls around…it may be better to stay away from your ‘friends’ and stay at home where you can keep your neck and the rest of your body out of trouble!

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