SVDL-0225 ‘Scissor Insurance!’ featuring Justice

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He didn’t want to insure my thighs! Once I wrap my thighs around him he may soon change his policy!

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In “Scissor Insurance,” Justice is a girl with an interesting job: ScissorVixen in Vegas, where as part of her show she SQUEEZES men in her powerful thighs! She comes to an insurance company seeking a million-dollar policy – per leg! The guy balks at her odd request and Justice peels off her long skirt to reveal thigh-high black leather boots, takes her hair down and DESTROYS the little man in one head-cracking scissor after the other!

Justice is queen of trash talking and totally verbally dominates him with “You’ll NEVER get out of my thighs!” and “Tell me you LIKE being scissored, you know you do!” over and over as she engulfs his face in crushing reverse scissors and nearly pops his head off in thrusting figure fours with her boot-clad calf tearing into his throat! Justice is a drop-dead gorgeous gal with legs that will make YOU drop dead in her crushing scissors if she doesn’t get her way. And no amount of insurance is gonna change that!

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