Introducing Chichi

Physical Statistics




110 lbs.





About Chichi

Chichi easily has one of the BEST physiques we’ve ever seen featuring VERY MUSCULAR LEGS and a GORGEOUS BUTT!  Oh…and yes…she can CRUSH the daylights out of you using those legs as well!!!

After shooting Chichi for the first time one of our partner producers knew we at would love to shoot with her as well.  He warned us that although shy and quiet at first she doesn’t have any reservations about getting physically aggressive and administering a serious beating. 

He also warned us that her legs are strong as hell and very muscular from years of ballet training.

So when Chichi arrived at our shoot I thought to myself…”Hmmm…very cute girl with a very fit ‘bikini body’ but not sure where all these leg muscles are hiding…?”.

Well…once Chichi wrapped her legs around her first victim’s head and squeeeeezed all those leg muscles just POPPED OUT at me as if in 3D!  My jaw almost hit the floor once I saw how rock-hard and powerful her legs were while cranking on the pressure. 

But the amazing thing was…she wasn’t even squeezing nearly 100% since this was during the picture taking.  Our victim admitted after the shoot that he thought the video wasn’t going to be that bad after taking the photos. 

But he then told us that once the video camera started rolling she totally TURNED UP THE PRESSURE and he immediately realized it was going to be a very rough next 30-minutes!

In fact…Chichi cranked on his neck so hard during the video (and in particular a few side neck scissors) that his neck was messed up several days after and as of this writing he said it’s still hurting! 

At one point he was ready to tap-out not from getting dizzy or almost passing out but as he put it…”The PAIN around my neck and jaw was KILLING ME and I was a split-second from tapping-out right before she stopped squeezing!”.

He said that she simply never let up and it was constant pressure for the entire video!!