Introducing Julia

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Julia

Competitive pole dancer, Julia, is used to clamping her powerful thighs around a pole but now she clamps her CRUSHERS around Drew’s neck instead!

Julia told us that she knew she would be perfect for our kind of shoot.  She’s a yoga instructor (deep muscle control combined with extreme flexibility), former gymnast, exotic dancer and yes…a competitive pole dancer! 

She told us that one of the requirements in pole dancing competitions is the ability to hold very difficult poses using both her legs and upper body for extended periods of time. 

Then when she used a pillow to demonstrate what one of her poses looks like it was basically what we in the scissor-world call a figure-4 leg lock. 

But instead of locking it on a pole she was going to be locking it on Drew’s neck instead….OUCH!

Aside from Julia’s ability to transfer her pole dancing expertise to immediately becoming an expert at “Strangling men with my thighs.” (as she described scissoring to be) she has one of the sexiest personalities we’ve encountered! 

Just like a cat who is satisfied and content Julia often ‘purrs’ while she is slowly squeeeezing you into several shades of purple and blue!

Julia's Videos

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