Introducing Sonia Slade

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Sonia Slade

Good lord we’ve had some gorgeous women on our site over the years but blonde Aussie babe Sonia Slade is as beautiful as they come! 

For those who are familiar with Aussie women in general there is one thing you know for certain….they are VERY AGGRESSIVE and love to get physical!  And Sonia Slade definitely loves to dominate and has the legs to do it! 

She teaches palates and walks 8 miles every morning to start her day!  Not to mention she loves kickboxing and practices other forms of martial arts as well. 

We watched her shoot a small beatdown video prior to our shoot and let me tell you…this girl doesn’t worry about breaking a fingernail but the guy she was punching told us he was genuinely worried she might break something of his like a nose or a rib! 

While we were taking pictures during one of our scissor videos Sonia’s victim tugged at her legs and said he was going to try and break out of her scissors. 

Without hesitation she just smiled, giggled and said in her sexy Aussie accent…”Well…you can try but it’s not going to do you any good!”.

Sonia Slade's Videos

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