Introducing Eva Notty

Physical Statistics




145 lbs.





About Eva Notty

Eva Notty is one sexy but powerful woman! She’s tall and bodaciously built with big powerhouse thighs and a butt that can CRUSH rocks!

She attributes bike riding (seems to be a common theme with our Vegas ScissorVixens!) almost every day to developing her SKULL CRUSHERS and told us she owns 3 different bikes.

She also works out regularly in the gym and for those guys who love a beautiful woman who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty…she’s a certified welder!

In fact…she was giving us tips on how to modify the sliding glass doors at our friend’s house to make it more secure.

It was kind of surreal listening to this tall, attractive dark-haired babe dressed in a sexy tight skirt, high heels and breast revealing blouse talking ‘shop’ like Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor from Home Improvement!

Eva Notty's Videos

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