Introducing Malice

Physical Statistics




150 lbs.





About Malice

Malice – Definition: desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness.

GORGEOUS new ScissorVixen Malice chose her name for a character she plays every year at a local Las Vegas Medieval fair.  At 5’9″ tall and 150 solid pounds of muscle she fits into her character very well! 

And in many ways she also personifies the very definition of her character’s name in real life.  She describes herself as dominant (never taking the submissive role) and having an intolerance for physically weak individuals. 

Among her favorite dominant games she likes to play is ‘breath play’ (choking) and she describes her legs and butt as her best physical features.

Malice is also an avid ‘bike-nerd’ (as she calls herself) who loves riding her bicycle everywhere for both sport and exercise.  She also rides horses bareback without the aid of a saddle where balance and developing an extremely strong grip with her inner thighs is necessary to stay on the horse. 

And she works out 6 times each week in the gym and has recently earned her personal trainer certification.

Add it all up and you get one VERY POWERFUL ScissorVixen with the legs and attitude to make any man beg for mercy between her KILLER SQUEEEEEZE!