Introducing Scarlet

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Scarlet

Every so often a newbie comes along that takes your breath away. With Scarlet, that reason might be her 16-inch calves that completely cover your face in her suffocating scissors.

She’s new to the business but attacks her work with the ferocity, determination and skill of a seasoned, scissoring veteran, a very pretty gal with the most captivating eyes, not to mention thighs, you’ll find anywhere.

That lovely face of hers adopts the expression of one totally into what she’s doing as she goes off into the ‘Scissors Zone’ to crush anyone in those thighs, smother anyone in those calves, completely focused on the task at leg.

Scarlet may be new to the game, but with her talent, beauty and incredible legs, she’ll be at it a long, long time?