SVDL-0098 ‘Breaking The Enterer!’ featuring Sable Strong

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He thought he was going to get away with breaking and entering.  Too bad he broke into the wrong house and  now he’s the one getting broke!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 176MB

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Criminals aren’t often the brightest bulbs on the tree and in this video, “Breaking the Enterer,” a moronic B&E man has chosen the home of a dominatrix to break into.

Spying cuffs and whips on a bed in a cathouse-red room, he wonders aloud who the hell lives here and how he’s gonna fence the shit.

He’ll never find out; Sable Strong comes home in skin tight jeans to confront him and turn his world upside down with a series of brutal headscissors while still sexily clad in her denims, knocking him out cold.

She returns in knee-high boots and the skimpiest of underthings to cuff his hands together, wake him up and continue the savage scissor beating, utilizing her meaty and insanely strong 24-inch thighs and 15-inch calves!

She is dominant through and through with a mean streak a mile wide as she unleashes the full fury of her mahogany muscles.

She also subjects him to some of the nastiest, deepest facesitting you’ll see using her magnificent and bountiful butt!

Breaking the enterer is Sable’s way of taking the law into her own legs!

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