SVDL-0426 ‘Scissor Domination 101!’ featuring KO Girl

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I wanted to make a scissor domination instructional video for future dommes and found this unsuspecting volunteer to help me out!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 344 MB

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KO Girl returns in “Scissor Domination 101” where she plays a dominatrix who places an ad in the local paper looking for a “lucky” volunteer for her latest project producing an instructional dominatrix video for dommes in training. Well…when her foolish volunteer victim shows up he has no idea just how excruciating this training video in the art of pain is going to be but he soon finds out once KO Girl wraps her hugely muscular 28 inch pythons around his neck and begins to squeeze!

Watch and listen as KO Girl calmly talks into the camera explaining the intricacies and nuances of applying the perfect submission inducing scissor holds and figure-4’s all the while her victim is gasping for air and struggling to escape her crushing death grip. At one point, while applying a figure-4, she tells her ‘dommes in training’ that “spaces are bad” pointing to a small gap between her victim’s neck and her bent knee and then promptly tightens up the noose nearly popping his head off in one of the most savage figure-4’s you’ll ever see! In the end she decides to save the best for last by showing her ‘pupils of pain’ how to put their submissive out of his misery by knocking him out in a murderous side reverse headscissors! Anyone else want to volunteer for the next chapter of KO Girl’s ‘Scissor Domination 101’ video….!?

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