SVDL-0090 ‘Scissored Sober!’ featuring Senona

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He couldn’t keep from getting drunk on the job.  So now lets see if my POWERFUL THIGHS can keep him sober!

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Walt is a drunk on the job, preferring to suck down a few beers rather than eat, and then report back to duty at the warehouse.

But his boss, the fiery Senona, a little leggy sprite of a woman, calls him to her office to say she’ll have to fire him if he doesn’t stop – or scissor him sober!

And she does just that, unleashing a barrage of sensational scissors that will take your breath away, as it does Walt’s, painfully so!

Senona’s little body – all five-foot-two, 102 pounds of it – is like a coiled spring, ready to leap into scissoring action and she does, tearing him apart all over the office floor and the couch, embracing his screaming head and face in all manner of devastating scissors!

Her lithe limbs bend and ripple around him as she punishes him with some of the most brutal scissors you will EVER see, including the most savage figure fours we’ve felt in ages!

That slender but VERY muscular calf tucked into the throat, combined with the way she snaps it on, makes it feel like your head WILL be ripped from your shoulders.

This girl is non-stop scissor action at its finest and if Senona’s scissors don’t sober you up, you better keep drinking!

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