SVDL-0080 ‘The Gym Bully!’ featuring Natalia

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He told me there isn’t enough mat space for my gymnastics so I showed him there is plenty of space for my SCISSORS!

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Little Natalia returns to the ScissorVixens fold in The Gym Bully.

Looking sweet and innocent in a cheerleading outfit and practicing her routine on a mat, she is confronted by another gym member telling her she’s taking up too much space and to take her flips, twists and bends to a gymnastics gym where it belongs or he’s going to have a talk with the gym manager.

That sets off a flurry of scissors courtesy of the little gal’s GORGEOUS legs, her muscular, gymnast thighs bending like steel ribbons of flesh around his moaning head, and her chiseled legs slicing painfully into his thick middle, just about busting his ribs!

Natalia is a hot hot HOT little college coed with sinfully smooth legs and a mean attitude, combining them both to put on a frightening display of pure scissor power!

She looks deliciously dominant as she savages his throat in windpipe-bending neck scissors, looking innocent and deadly at the same time, her legs totally controlling him, this sweet look on her face, her little ponytail dangling behind her!

You don’t want to mess with this gym bully’s powerful legs!

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