SVDL-0073 ‘Smacked And Scissored!’ featuring Bethany Joy

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He doesn’t think girls can punch.  WRONG!  And know what else girls can do?  SCISSOR the fuck out of boys!

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Bethany, a small but exceptionally strong gal, is pounding the heavy bag at the gym, however she is having trouble holding it steady, so she calls over a dopey gym worker to do it for her.

When he gets mouthy about her being a girl hitting a punching bag, she takes all she can take – and then hits HIM instead!

Pounding him with her boxing gloves, she also takes him in all manner of crushing scissors, including a bruising front facescissor, while wearing sexy short black boots, and STILL punches him in the eyes and nose.

She hauls him to the mats for some freedom of movement and some of the most punishing scissors a little girl could inflict on a man!

She forces him to take her boots off and reattaches her powerful thighs to his head, crushing him into screaming submission.

At one point he stands with her attached to his head and spins her around.

No dice, it just makes her squeeze harder, taking him down to the mat and nearly knocking him out in one blinding headscissor after another.

When a girl in the gym asks you to hold her punching bag, you better do it or risk being turned into her SQUEEZING bag!

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