SVDL-0071 ‘Silent Scissors!’ featuring Lethelle

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When you’ve got legs like mine…no words are necessary.  Only the cries of pain and agony inflicted by my THIGHS!

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In she walks, not saying a word, exuding power beneath her long, leather coat, her face half covered by a silver mask.

She drops her coat to reveal a stone-hard body of sculpted steel, long, thick thighs and calves tapering into leather black boots.

She slowly descends on her bound prey, a quivering man, and proceeds to absolutely devour, destroy and demean him in scissor after scissor, all with unrelenting power, all in complete silence.

She never utters a word or command, she just slowly, sexily, takes him apart with cranium-cracking headscissors and throat-snapping neckscissors.

He barely makes a sound as well, he senses her allegiance to silence, and can only grunt and moan in absolute quite agony.

Lethelle is her name, and SCISSORS are her game: Silent scissors, all is quiet, all is deadly!

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