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I love snakes.  And I love the kind that wrap around their pray to constrict them to death and this poor man is finding out how it feels right now!

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Anna and Bob have just returned home from a first date when he decides to finally ask what her last name is to which she responds, “Konda”.

Bob casually puts the two names together, Anna + Konda, and quickly realizes how odd it is that she would be named after a killer snake famous for constricting it’s prey to death before devouring it.

Anna tells Bob that she changed her name to Anna since she owns several snakes, including an anaconda.

She eventually shows Bob her collection of snakes, especially her pride and joy, the massive anaconda.

She regales him in a hissing voice about how sexy and sensual it is to see a snake squeeeeeeeeeeze its prey to death and eat it alive.

Thinking that a trifle odd, Bob is nonetheless smitten with the gorgeous little cutie’s seeming sexual advances and takes her up on it.

Little does he know that what Anna Konda has in mind is constricting him with her powerful thighs!

She rips him apart with head-cracking scissors while still clad in her sexy mini-skirt and black high-heels before peeling down to a tiny thong to reveal her small and slender but incredibly strong legs!

She eats him alive, slowly and sensually squeezing him in scissor after scissor, getting aroused in the process.

Eyes rolling back in her head, she stretches back and kicks into high scissoring gear, taking his head and neck and ribs to the breaking point over and over, sensually hissing words of dominance as she sexily runs her hand up and down her punishing thighs!

To finish him off, she slithers up to him from the floor and springs back to capture his head in her killer thighs, taking him victim to feed the real snake downstairs!

Anna Konda will literally take your breath away!

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