SVDL-0069 ‘Psycho Serial Scissorer!’ featuring Nikki Fierce

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Silly guard, got too close to my thighs and paid the ultimate price with his life!

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Ever wonder what a serial killer would be like if it were a female with great legs?

Wonder no more: Psycho Serial Scissorer, thigh name is Nikki Fierce!

Nikki, a stage-trained actress, is truly outstanding in this video, as scarily believable in her role as a homicidal scissoring maniac killer as Hopkins was as Hannibal Lecter.

Affecting a zombie look at first, she lulls a brainless guard into a false sense of security as she’s cuffed to a chair, and then power-slams her thighs around his ears for the first in a series of bone-crushing scissor holds!

She is an animal unleashed as she ruins him in throat-cracking neckscissors and rib-popping bodyscissors, in a never-ending display of raw leggy power at its best, all the while acting rather convincingly as a savage scissoring serial killer!

She is easily the most animated actress we’ve worked with to date but when she has the legs locked up in her killer scissors, there is no acting involved, her joy of complete leggy domination is ALL REAL!

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