SVDL-0066 ‘Cheerleader Crush!’ featuring Honey

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I wanted him to make a donation to my cheerleading squad but he wanted more than that and so, I gave it to him!

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With her sweet English accent and oh-so cute little cheerleader clothes, Honey is the picture of innocence.

But get on this leggy lass’s bad side, and suffer the consequences of her cheerleader-trained legs!

She’s going door to door to raise money for her cheerleading squad and runs into a lecherous older man who can’t quite control himself.

So Honey loses control -and scissors him senseless with a rousing round of crushing headscissors, neckscissors and bodyscissors!

She is a scissoring machine unleashed, taking him in a variety of bone-bending leglocks as only Honey can, and at one point has him in a reverse facescissors as she hangs from a chain!

This girl is sweet to look at but downright dangerous to piss off! Give her an S -for SCISSORS!

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