SVDL-0006 ‘Power of the Press!’ featuring Talisin

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Like most reporters, this asshole got it all wrong when writing about my new gym.  Time to give him a free workout between my THIGHS!

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Talisin hails from the South and brings with her a healthy dose of Southern hospitality – scissors style!

In this video, “Power of the Press,” she is the owner of a gym and feels wronged by an article written about her business by a local newspaper reporter.

She lures him to her place and then absolutely destroys him in her thick, meaty legs, wearing a tiny tank top, skimpy white short shorts and white socks, peppering her scissored assault with lively dialogue like “You’re the press, but I have the power” as she crushes him in devastating scissor after scissor.

Talisin stands 6 feet tall and weighs a solid 200 pounds and has meaty thighs that embrace a man’s skull with savage fury.

In the end she demands – and gets – a retraction that he types out and sends to his newspaper while she’s punishing him in a throbbing headscissors!

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