SVDL-0347 ‘Leg Lease!’ featuring Tara ‘The Hardcore Schoolgirl’

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With LEGS like mine…who needs a lease!?

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 364 MB

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Tara is behind on her rent and the landlord is bugging her. “I’m gonna rewrite my lease!”, she tells him, whipping her muscular thighs up around his face, “With my LEGS!” And that she does, just destroying the wimpy landlord with a never-ending display of raw scissor power that crushes the guy senseless!

Her thighs quiver and quake with extreme scissor savagery, and at times she lays the leg to him in thigh bombs, raising one leg high and slamming it down into his nearly lifeless face! Tara’s one of those extraordinary squeezers with legs long enough to make her knees touch while she’s got her victim unbelievably high and tight in her sexy thighs! In the end, he agrees to a zero-rent “Leg Lease” to save his life!

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