SVDL-0029 ‘Soccer Coach Crush!’ featuring Julie Simone

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My soccer coach doesn’t like my slutty ways so lets see how he likes my POWERFUL SOCCER LEGS around his neck!

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Julie Simone is tall at 5-10 and seemingly all leg – which she turns loose in punishing fashion all over Kandor, who plays her soccer coach who has dared kick the leggy beauty off his college team!

Seems he’s fed up with her slutty ways, so the sexy vixen, wearing oh-so innocent looking little white socks, sneaks and shorts, beats him blind in a bruising scissor session, after stripping down to a teeny silky thong, totally exposing her long, firm thighs and one of the BEST asses you’ll see on camera!

She wants back on the team and uses all the weapons in her killer scissors arsenal to do it!

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