SVDL-0207 ‘Scissor Workout!’ featuring Cassie

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So he wants to watch a football game right in the middle of my aerobics workout.  Fuck that!  I’ll be using his head now to work my inner thighs!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 319MB

Video Description

In “Scissor Workout,” Cassie, in sinfully short booty shorts and sports bra, has to deal with her asshole boyfriend wanting to switch to the game and shut off her hot aerobics tape.


She asks him to help her stretch first and he holds her legs wide open – and she snaps them shut around his ears!

The scissoring mayhem is underway as Cassie tears him apart all over the living room, embracing his face in jaw-busting figure fours, choking his throat by lacing her long, sinewy thighs around it and bending his ribs in all manner of agonizing bodyscissors!

Cassie is a lean, mean scissoring machine from start to finish, her young, supple body absolutely destroying her boyfriend until she kicks his ass out and starts to do her aerobics routine again!

You want a good workout, help Cassie stretch those long, muscular legs – around YOU!

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