SVDL-0202 ‘It’s Scissor Night!’ featuring Kira

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Once again…my thighs need to SQUEEEZE.  Sorry hunny…but it’s SCISSOR NIGHT!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 262MB

Video Description

Drew walks into the bedroom and sees a bad omen on the bed: A small teddy bear with a pair of SCISSORS on its neck.

He knows that means Kira is in a “Scissor Night” mood and he tries to escape – only to be stop cold and crushed by the leggy, muscular curly-haired blonde in a thong and top who absolutely destroys him in one never-ending scissor attack after another!

She tosses him to the bed and devours his face and skull in her meaty, muscular thighs and just about slices him in half with mind-blowing bodyscissors!

This naturally muscular lass exhibits some sexy vascularity, too; witness in some holds the sexy snaky vein that runs over her shins and into her very muscular calves, and in her biceps as well!

Her nearly-naked rump twitches madly in his face as she crushes his face to it with head-numbing reverse scissors, figure four-ing him even closer by slamming a muscular calf to the back of his head!

She turns and twists him every which way she can, on the bed, on the floor and just makes him her bitch!

With the leggy likes of Kira in the house, EVERY night is “Scissor Night!”

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