SVDL-0490 ‘Crush 69!’ featuring Selena

In High Definition

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This poor guy had no idea what he was getting himself into by answering my dating ad.  He’s about to become another victim of CRUSH 69!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 353 MB

Pictures Included In Zip File: 127

Video Description

Ahhh…the world of on-line dating with all of the excitement and promise of meeting someone new and special.

But as we all know…it can also be a very dangerous place where predators roam looking to lure unsuspecting victims into their trap!

And such is the unfortunate case for one man who discovers a mysterious, exotic woman using the chat room handle of ‘Crush 69’.

While chatting with the beauty he tells a friend on the phone that anything that ends in 69 will most certainly end well for him but has no idea that the 69 in this case has a very painful double meaning of which may very well be the end for him!

She invites him to her apartment and he could hardly wait to meet her in person.

When he arrives he’s confronted by a beautiful tall ebony goddess wearing a leopard print thong, black bra and high heels.

He thinks he’s there for a little sexual gratification and gladly complies when she tells him to lie down on the bed with his head slightly hanging off of the edge.

Standing dominantly over him she straddles his head, hands on hips, and asks…”So…you want to know what ‘Crush 69’ means do you…?”.

Of course he does thinking that it’s going to be a sexual ‘give and take’ but quickly finds out what the CRUSH in ‘Crush 69′ really means!

Watch as the gorgeous, leggy woman wraps him up in the first of many crushing reverse headscissors, also known as the ’69 headscissors’, and works him over in many others as well.

She also enjoys what she calls ‘the tease and squeeze’ trapping her victim’s head as high and tight in her crotch as possible while pulling down the front of her thong, his mouth practically muffled silent by her pussy saying, “I bet you’d like to get some of this wouldn’t you!?”.

She clearly enjoys her what she’s doing to her latest helpless victim but like all ‘good’ things…it must come to an end.

So she pulls the nearly lifeless man into one last ’69’ reverse headscissors and tells him that it’s time to finish him off.

She starts out by relaxing her legs then violently snapping them out as straight as possible with eye-popping pressure, tightly squeezing her glutes together, and begins to count with each rep on her way to 69…”That’s one, and two, and three, and….”.

Needless to say…none of her victims have ever survived long enough to make it to ‘Crush 69’!

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