SVDL-0186 ‘The Scissors Barrier!’ featuring Jana

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He said my thick German accent won’t work for his customer service position.  I wonder if my POWERFUL THIGHS around his neck will!?

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Hugely muscled German bodybuilder Jana Linke Sippl plays a customer service job candidate in ‘The Scissors Barrier’, getting interviewed by a guy who has trouble with her thick, but very sexy German accent.

He finally tells her she can’t have the job because customers on the phones wouldn’t understand her.

Wearing sexy heels that accentuate her killer, 17-inch calves of pure steel and a short skirt to show off her insanely quadrific 26-inch thighs below a tight black corset, Jana tears him apart in her brutal legs, absolutely encasing his screaming skull in her majestic thighs over and over again as she tries to convince him to hire her!

She is savagery unleashed, destroying him in scissors that nearly cut him in half and crack his windpipe, her unbelievably ripped thighs crushing him in every possible way!

Her reverse scissors just devour his head as her muscular ass throbs inches from his moaning face, and her figure fours are agony in motion, her mammoth, meaty and uber-muscular calves just about popping his head off!

In the end, she gets the job, his, as she sends him on his way!

Language barrier is one thing, but Jana’s SCISSORS barrier will always get her what she wants!

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