SVDL-0182 ‘Don’t Mess With My Man!’ featuring Natalie vs Gabby

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My little friend just got caught texting my man sexy messages.  Time to teach her a lesson she won’tt soon forget!

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When Natalie asks her roommate, Gabby, if she can borrow her cell phone to make a call…that’s when Natalie discovers that Gabby has been sending sexy little text messages to her man!

Natalie quickly confronts Gabby about it and before Gabby has a chance to explain herself, Natalie tosses her to the bed and begins to teach her “roomy” a very painful lesson between her athletic, dancer trained thighs!

Gabby pleads with Natalie to stop but the scissoring must go on as Natalie exacts her leggy revenge on Gabby for messing with her man!

At one point, Gabby tears Natalie’s shirt but Natalie is way too determined to let that stop her as she eventually rips the rest of her shirt off, as well as Gabby’s, and the two end up rolling around the room for some very HOT topless scissor action!

In the end….Natalie decides to give Gabby one final squeeeeeze and tells her that she can keep her loser boyfriend and prances off, leaving Gabby lying on the bed, completely beaten and exhausted from Natalie’s brutal scissor beating!

So girls, if you feel like making some moves on your best friend’s man…you better make sure your best friend is not Natalie!

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