SVDL-0177 ‘Turn Down The Volume, Turn Up The Scissors!’ featuring Michala

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He came banging on my door about the loud music.  Maybe my THIGHS wrapped around his ears will help!?

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 640×480| File Size: 264MB

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Drew and his wife are fed up with Michala playing loud music downstairs, so he comes a callin’ – and she answers a scissorin’!

She flips the radio off, saying “I’ll turn down the volume – and turn UP THE SCISSORS!” going nuts all over him, her meaty, powerful and muscular dancer’s thighs and calves ripping into him with cranium-crushing headscissors and rib-bending bodyscissors.

This curly-haired lovely loves putting the squeeze on and it shows as her face gets that creamy-dreamy look that girls who love to scissor gets, grinding his head in her muscular thighs and popping his throat in a windpipe-cracking figure four!

Her ass is to die for – and in – and she constantly exposes him to it with ruggedly strong reverse facescissors!

She brutalizes him and sends him on his way, turning the music back on- after turning her SCISSORS to HIGH!

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